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History of the Brand

Women have changed a lot since 1983, the year when the 123 brand was born. They are ever more liberated, self-assured, confident, and year after year they are inventing femininity in their own way.

The clothes they wear have also changed to suit them. From the three essential pieces for the first professionals, the modern women's wardrobe has become more casual and better suited to the lives they lead.

That's why in 2019, 1.2.3. is becoming Maison Cent Vingt-Trois.
A new momentum so we can be ever-closer to the spirit of the women we dress. A new name representing a renewed promise of authenticity, well-being and trust. A new ethical and ecological ambition to ensure that respect for the planet extends as far as our wardrobes.

The thing that will never change? Our love for casual elegance, for women and for the necessity for impeccable cuts.