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WECARE: This cardigan is made using recycled polyamide. This enables us to save on non-renewable resources needed to manufacture virgin fabric, while also reducing waste. Recycled polyamide uses less energy and water and is a green alternative to virgin polyamide. It is generally made by crushing and melting down the material to create new yarn. Youll love our charming and timeless soft PADDY cardigan. WHY WE LOVE IT Made of recycled polyamide, recycled wool and and mohair, its warm and works on its own. With its original green colour, its wide V-neck, its subtle row of buttons and its long sleeves, it can be worn with the buttons at the front or back for a completely different style. OUR STYLE TIP This jumper is a real must-have in a womans wardrobe.Pair it with slim-fit jeans and a pair of loafers for classic and elegant style.

- 40% recycled polyamide
- 30% responsible wool
- 30% mohair
- V-neck
- buttoned
- long sleeves
- made in China Raica is1.78 metres (510

MAIN MATERIAL : 40.00 % Polyamide, 30.00 % Laine, 30.00 % Mohair

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Paddy green polyamide and responsible wool cardigan
Paddy green polyamide and responsible wool cardigan